Set the user rights for TomTom WEBFLEET.connect

To be able to use TomUp, you have to give your user access to the WEBFLEET.connect interface. It won't take two minutes, just follow the instructions.

Step 1

Open the TomTom WEBFLEET® website and log in. Attention, you won't be able to change the rights for the user you're currently logged in with.

Step 2

In the menu under "More...", click on "Users".

Step 3

Choose "Edit" on the right, below the user data.

Step 4

Click on "Advanced" in the profile settings. This button is disabled for the user you're currently logged it with. Use another user to change his rights.

Step 5

Tick the checkbox below "WEBFLEET.connect®" and save everything.

Enjoy TomUp

That's it. After a few minutes the changes will be active and you'll be able to log in with TomUp. If you encounter any problems, please just write us an e-mail.